Beautiful Bedroom Ideas For Women With Touch

Bedroom should suits with someone’s taste, including woman, which is why we need more bedroom ideas for women. Women bedroom identical with pink that symbolizes love, the mysterious purple, or yellow is cheerful. But there’s nothing wrong if you want to try other colors. Then, how to look more feminine room? One step that can be done is by presenting illustrations of flowers on the elements of the bedroom. In many women bedroom, there are the flower motif table lamp shades, carpets, and walls. The latter is arguably the most visible and most of the atmosphere of the room.

The painting on the wall – or better known as mural – made with the opposite color to the background color, but still in line with other colors, would be perfect. Put different sizes and different type of flowers patterns as, to make look more dynamic mural. Add a feminine element could be a new challenge in the bedroom decor. Highlight the impression of gentle character is good in terms of color and decor of the women bedroom design. These elements can be combined with existing ones.

Beside pink color, both neon colors and the soft pastel colors of the walls could be an option. Not only just walls, you can match the color of the carpet and furniture form a feminine atmosphere. Add a touch of porcelain dolls on the dresser or table glass. Choose a porcelain doll with clothes or Victorian -style accented lace and velvet.

Cots with lacy canopy can be a carrier of choice feminine impression in any bedroom. Furthermore, the use of many large pillows, luxurious colors and can also be an extra touch of femininity. Add stuffed animals for a softer impression. Choose furniture like cabinets that stand upright for storage rather than feminine impression that connects to the wall. With all these bedroom design ideas for women, you can consult with your home interior expert before you renovate your bedroom.